Sunday, September 20, 2009

Changes is in the air.....

What a wonderful week! Change is definitely in the air at Latham. The temperature is getting cooler and leaves are changing color. This week we found out that we will be departmentalizing for Reading and math with Mrs. Breen's class. Mrs. Breen will be teaching us math while Mrs. Moran teaches us reading. We will be team teaching science together as well. Thursday and Friday we started switching classes to get the fill of things. Attached are pictures of us starting to rotate stations for guided reading groups. How exciting! Check out our comment section! Some of the groups were able to get on and leave comments for other groups to read! Check our Mrs. Breen's class blog at!!


  1. I like this book becuas it has cats. Jesse

  2. I like the book becuase i like how the kittens they look cute and fridly they have cute color they looke soft they have black nails some are boys and some are girs and there small kittens.

  3. I like the part when the cat had baby
    kittin I look like sofe the kitti. Lesli